There are many PBN hosts for one to choose from when they want to host their blogs. Though SEO hosting has been more sought after than PBN hosting, Google tightening its security controls has resulted in more people are going in for the latter. As a result, there are a number of such hosts with a variety of features. So, how do you choose your PBN host? What are the features to look out for? Here are some of the important features required for a PBN host, which are provided by

IP Blocks

This host provides hundreds of IP blocks, which are spread over 43+ data centers from world over. This enables your blog to have a unique IP address and not the similar addresses that can be easily picked up by Google. Hence, your blogs will not raise a red flag when checked by Google computers and won’t get de-indexed. This allows you to host either a big or a small blog without any worries.

Dedicated IPs

The IP addresses provided to you will be solely yours. If you wish to share, you can share it within your own domains and network. This way, no other network will have the same IP address as you, which is one of the common ways in which Google picks these blogs.

No Footprints

One of the biggest advantages of PBN hosting over SEO hosting is the lack of server footprints. At, there are no footprints that can connect you to any of its other clients. This way, Google does not spot your network and you don’t risk being de-indexed.

Superior Speeds

Speed is very important when you are hosting and this site offers very good speed. A minimum of 1Gbps powered by SSD is offered to its clients.

Lightening Fast Network

The whole network itself is very fast, with a huge capacity of over 400 Gbps. Most of these links have a speed of 10 Gbps while the minimum speed is 1 Gbps.

Accelerated Internal Network

No matter where your IPs are, your websites will load very fast, due to the innovative acceleration network that is just below the public network. A good loading speed is very essential for the success of a website.

SSL Certificates

This is the only Cloud PBN host who can provide you with SSL support for your domains. You can import your own custom certificate or use Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL.

These features make a good place to go to for your PBN hosting needs. Choose wisely and become a successful host, hassle free.

PBN Hosting Features

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